More  performance  while  running

Climatocork®iD  footbed   with  RTex  cover

Maximum moisture absorption and skin-friendliness distinguishes our specially designed Climatocork®iD footbed. The abrasion-resistant and skin-friendly RTex cover draws moisture away from the foot immediately and leads it into the cork and hence prevents the foot from sliding around in the shoe. In return Climatocork® emits softness and cushioning and after a short period of time it adapts individually to the customer´s foot shape.

Why  Climatocork® iD?

Anatomically shaped

The unique design of the Climatocork®iD footbed helps the entire rear foot staying stable on the footbed. The special heel shaping combined with the embedding of the base of the 5th metatarsal holds the foot on the footbed and reduces slipping in the shoe. That results in an increased step security while running and lower risk of blistering due to slippage. In addition, the special heel-shape of the Climatocork®iD footbed causes compression of the feet’s plantar tissue and thus leads to an increased degree of internal shock absorption.

Supports the foot arches

Running means very high stresses to our body - especially to our lower extremities such as legs, feet and their joints. A very large task in cushioning the impact comes to the foot arches. Longitudinal arch and transverse arch need to absorb a lot of energy at every step. Many athletes have flattened arches and hence the latter can’t fulfill their tasks properly – as a result the performance of the athlete suffers tremendously. This is where the Climatocork®iD footbed takes effect. With its anatomical shape it supports the foot where required. Pressure distribution and balance of power are getting optimized and performance is getting improved.

Air conditioning the shoe

We only use natural cork of the highest quality for our Climatocork®iD footbed, as it is also used for the closures of champagne bottles. In the special manufacturing process the cover material is connected to the cork without an adhesive layer. This makes foot moisture soaking directly into the cork though the breathable and skin-friendly RTex material. Cork as a natural material absorbing moisture to the highest extent enables effective air conditioning inside the shoe and a very comfortable fit. A backlog of sweat is avoided, which reduces sliding around of the foot in the shoe and hence also the risk of blistering. In addition Climatocork® is tested for best skin kindness.

iD - adapts

Our particular interest is that a Runnertune running shoe becomes an individual partner for each athlete - a shoe that adapts to the runner and not vice versa. Through a complex development process, we were able to achieve a special feature of our Climatocork® - after a short period of time, the footbed adapts individually to the runner’s foot sole. In addition Climatocork® by ingestion of foot moisture and heat in return provides comfort and cushioning. The longer a Runnertune is worn, the more comfortable it will get.