Better  materials  -  less  weight

Powermesh  and  microfiber  fleece  combination  for  the  upper

Breathable mesh material is combined with highly abrasion-resistant microfiber fleece in hard stressed areas. That provides an extreme high level of comfort at a very low weight. Furthermore this combination of materials brings water resistance to some extent, so that even a run under suboptimal weather conditions can be really fun.

Less  material  transitions  –  less  blisters

Large upper parts

In order to avoid transitions at the upper, that potentially cause friction and hence lead to blisters, we realized a design that contains a minimum of seams. Best example is the one-piece construction of the tip/lacing part. This is in contrast to industrially mass-produced shoes that are usually made of two parts in that area for reasons of cost (faster processing and less waste). Using two parts means an overlap that is connected by a seam. The latter could rub at the toe area because of the double layer. For Runnertune running shoes we make the effort to cut out and process one large upper part in order to minimize the risk of blistering.

Long lacing

With regards to the design we additionally focused on a long lacing that extends far beyond the instep. So even slender feet are kept firm in the shoe. For further foothold we integrated two sidly set-back eyelets to enable the use of the marathon lacing. To prevent the tongue from pressing in the instep we gave it a concave shape to adapt to the runners anatomy in the best way. For a quick and easy put on - especially for triathletes - we applied pulling loops at the heel and at the tongue.