Mehr  Komfort  beim  Laufen  mit  Runnertune

Skin  padding  material

In contrast to conventional foamed padding materials, our so called skin-foam has skin-like properties and shifts with each and every of your movement. In addition its special cell structure has the ability to permanently adapt to the contours of the foot. As a result, after a short period of time the athlete can expect a running shoe fitting like a second skin.

Design  benefits  through  quality

Enormous adaptability

The padding and adaptive effect of the skin-material is outstanding. This appears especially in the tongue construction. As of its high resilience thinner material can be used which on the one hand reduces the weight but on the other hand also extents the degree of adaptability to the instep tremendously. As a result the tongue perfectly snuggles to the contour of the foot.  

No pressure to the instep

Runners did often tell us of problems with the tongue of their running shoes. It obviously is too long at the top and hence causes pressure to the instep. For this reason we designed the top of the tongue padding concavely so that the instep can’t be rubbed by the tongue. Especially when running long-distance a noticeable plus in comfort is achieved.