Marathon  lacing

Better foothold in the shoe

Using this lacing method the top / sideways relocated eyelet is utilized. Thus a better foothold is provided. Especially slim feet can benefit from this lacing method. For the marathon lacing slightly longer laces are required as an extra row of holes is used. Therefore each pair of Runnertune running shoe is delivered with an additional pair of laces that is 10 cm longer than the regular ones. .


5 easy steps

To apply the marathon lacing correctly in your Runnertune running shoes, please follow the instructions below:


1. Replace the original lace in your Runnertune Running shoes by the enclosed, longer pair. Thread the new lace as far to the top as the original lace was threaded.


2. Thread the lace from both sides - from the outside - in the top / sideways relocated hole. By doing so two small loops are formed.


3. Put both ends of the lace through the opposite loop.


4. Tighten the lace.


5. Fasten your shoes as usual.


If the lacing leads to pressure on your instep, you can use the lacing principle one row of holes further down, for more comfort.