Less  blisters  while  running

One-piece   Oeko-Tex  lining

One highlight of Runnertune running shoes is the one-piece construction of the lining made from skin-friendly Oeko-Tex material. Using this very complex design, we were able to eliminate transitions at the lining. Transitions represent potential points of friction, which can be a trigger for blisters. Not with Runnertune running shoes.

Why  Oeko-Tex?

Skin friendliness

Stress and physical exertion let you sweat, especially in the feet area. While the skin pores open up toxins from outside are enabled to enter your skin. So in particular for the lining that is in direct contact with your skin medically safe materials that contains no harmful substances should be used. For this reason the lining of Runnertune running shoes is processed with materials that meet the Oeko-Tex standard and are tested for best skin friendliness. These materials are expensive. However for Runnertune running shoes we use the best that money can buy.

Less sweating inside the shoe

Another benefit of the lining is its high breathability and abrasion resistance. The highly air-permeable fabric ensures that on the one hand the foot moisture can be transported effectively to the outside and on the other hand that the shoe is always pleasantly and performance-enhancingly climated. Thus a sliding of the foot due to a backlog of sweat will be avoided. Hence the risk of blistering is reduced. Due to the slight padding the material snuggles pleasantly around your foot and provides high wearing comfort as of the first moment.