Technical data Runnertune Modell Pace:

Weight: 285 g (size 42)

Pitch: 9 mm


Can I buy Runnertune running shoes also in a retail store?

No. To be able to offer our customers the best possible value for money, we distribute our Runnertune running shoes directly. But you can visit us in Hilpoltstein. In our shop, attached to the manufactory, you can convince yourself about the quality of our running shoes.


How do I clean my Runnertune shoes?

The best way to clean your shoes is using a soft brush in dry condition. This is the easiest way to remove dirt and dust from the surface.


Can I wash my Runnertune running shoes in the washing machine?

Please do not wash your Runnertune running shoes in the washing machine.


While running in the rain my Runnertune shoes became wet. How do I dry them best?

For the drying process please take the Climatocork®iD footbed out of the shoe and put your Runnertune shoes in a well ventilated area. Please never dry shoes in the direct near of a radiator.


How do I care my Runnertune running shoes the right way?

Store your Runnertune running shoes at a place with normal temperature and a good air circulation. Enable your shoes to ventilate at least 24 hours after wearing. At regular intervals, you can impregnate your Runnertune running shoes with a high quality waterproofing spray for synthetics. So your running shoes stay protected against moisture even when you're on the run at humid weather conditions.


Can I rebuy the Climatocork®iD footbed?

The Climatocork®iD footbed is removable and can be replaced at any time. We recommend for hygienic reasons, to change the Climatocork®iD footbed once per year. Just get in contact with us.


Can I wash the Climatocork®iD footbed in the washing machine?

No, the Climatocork®iD footbed is indeed designed for maximum moisture absorption but it can’t withstand a wash in the washing machine. But you can wipe your footbeds with a damp cloth and a mild soap.


What can I do if the soles of my Runnertune running shoes are outworn?

Runnertune running shoes can be resoled. In this case, sole and midsole will be removed from the shoe and a complete new sole will be applied. At the same time the shoe is treated on its original last and gets refreshed shape. Just let us know.


I wear orthotics. Can I use them in my Runnertune running shoes?

A Runnertune running shoe is already equipped with an anatomically shaped Climatocork®iD footbed that provides besides foot supporting properties a particular advantageous and performance-enhancing environment for the foot. In addition, our Climatocork®iD footbed is designed in a way that it adapts individually to the foot shape of the athlete after a short breaking in period. We have made very good experiences with the use of our Climatocork®iD footbed with classic foot deformities such as flat foot or splay foot. If required, we can customize a special orthopedic Climatocork® footbed according to your measurements. If you have further questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us.


Why only one color combination?

We are a small and exclusive factory. To be able to equip our warehouse constantly and to quickly deliver to our customers, we limit our Runnertune running shoe to one color combination.


How long is the lifespan of Runnertune running shoes?

This depends on many individual factors - running style, weight, ground, distance, etc. That’s why there can’t be made a general statement. What we can say is that we place great value on excellent quality when selecting our raw materials. Together with the excellent craftsmanship we do our best to provide the longest possible lifecycle of a Runnertune running shoe.