In  order  to  give  your  Runnertune  running  shoes  the best  fit,  your  feet  are  measured  by  us  with  the highest  precision

The  Runnertune  measuring  kit

Runnertune fits perfectly

Our feet are very individual and especially while running they are demanded tremendously. Therefore they should be equipped with the best fitting running shoes. In this respect Runnertune running shoes offer a great advantage – in comparison to running shoes produced by the known big manufacturers we produce our shoes with very tiny size differences per half size: The shoe length increases by 3.33 mm per half size. Hereby we are enabled to respond very precisely to the needs of your feet.


A proven system

In order to know exactly your shoe size a so-called step in foam is sent to you primarily when ordering a pair of Runnertune running shoes. While stepping into it a load imprint of your feet is created that provides us with all the important information to deliver your Runnertune running shoes in the correct size. The only thing you need to do is to return your imprint to us.


Subsequently it is explained within 4 steps how to create a meaningful and accurate impression of your feet quite easily: